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Reference Materials

Here you will find a range of qualitative and quantitative reference materials for use when delivering resource efficiency support to businesses.

6 documents available to download

  • Telemarketing Best Practice Review


    An informal review of telemarketing practices used to share ideas across the ENWORKS partnership and encourage best practice (produced in April 2011)

  • Environmental Goods and Services Sector Definitions


    A document defining what is meant by the environmental goods and services sector (produced in October 2006)

  • Resource Efficiency Related Finance Sources


    A guide to sources of resource efficiency related finance for use when assessing opportunities for environmental performance improvements within businesses (last updated in June 2011)

  • Source Websites for Referencing Opportunities


    A document outlining reliable sources of online data to assist with the quantification of opportunities, both when preparing reports and when entering data onto the ENWORKS Toolkit (last updated January 2011)

  • Renewable Energy Incentives Guidance


    Guidance on current renewable energy incentives, including Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin, Feed-In Tariffs and the Renewable Heat Incentive (last updated January 2011; awaiting further update)

  • Renewable Energy Technology Criteria List


    A list of criteria used to assess renewable energy technologies (produced in 2009)