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How to use ENWORKS In a Box

Use the lefthand menu to navigate around this site and find documents you are interested in.

We have shared a range of documents, in different formats, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, PDFs and jpegs.

To download a single document -
Click on the small arrow icon under the relevant document description. You will be prompted to either download and open the file, so you can view it on your computer, or  to save it directly without opening it.
To download a group of documents - Click on the small box icons under the descriptions of the files you are interested in, to add them to a 'box', one-by-one. Once you have boxed up everything you would like a copy of, click on the green 'View Content' button at the bottom left of the screen. You will be shown a list of all the documents you have selected, so you can delete any you no longer want, before running a group download. You will be prompted to save the group of files on your computer.
For further guidance, please contact us.