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Management Tools

Here you will find a range of practical tools and documents used in the current ENWORKS programme to manage activities such as procurement, managing funder claims and audits, obtaining customer feedback, and quality assurance.

7 documents available to download

  • De Minimis letter template


    A template letter for confirming the value of De Minimis support provided to a business through the ENWORKS programme (last updated April 2011)

  • Claim Form Template


    A template claim form for transactions carried out and claimed through the ENWORKS programme (last updated September 2010)

  • Customer Satisfaction Form


    A standard form to use for assessing customer satisfaction following ENWORKS funded support (last updated April 2010)

  • 10% Audit Sample Transaction Summary


    A sample transaction summary provided for managers preparing for 10% audits (last updated September 2010)

  • Procurement Guidance and Templates


    Guidance and templates provided for managers responsible for procuring goods or services through the ENWORKS programme (last updated November 2011)

  • Cost Recovery Methodology Summary


    A table summarising the cost recovery methodology used by managers for the current programme of resource efficiency support (last updated April 2010)

  • Adviser Competency Statement


    A competency statement managers complete for all advisers employed to deliver ENWORKS support (last updated April 2010)