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Managing Contracts

Here you will find a range of templates and documents used to manage the contractual side of the current ENWORKS programme, including Service Level Agreements with delivery partners, and standard terms and conditions for tender procedures.

9 documents available to download

  • Grant Offer Letter template


    A template letter for confirming a Service Level Agreement with delivery partners, applicable to the current ENWORKS resource efficiency support programme (2010-2013)

  • Financial Profiler template


    A template spreadsheet for managing programme finances, which is applicable to the current ENWORKS resource efficiency support programme (2010-2013)

  • ENWORKS Standard Terms and Conditions - (Dec 2012)


    A copy of ENWORKS' standard contractual terms and conditions used for procurement (last updated December 2012)

  • ENWORKS SLA Special Conditions


    A copy of the ENWORKS special contractual terms and conditions

  • Partner Performance Framework


    A document outlining the guiding principles and expectations for delivery partners on the current ENWORKS programme (2010-2013), including a procedure for managing any under-performance

  • Claim Submission Schedule


    A schedule of agreed reporting requirements for sub-regional and cluster delivery partners on the ENWORKS programme

  • Amendment to Grant SLA - Acceptance Form


    A template acceptance form used for confirming amendments to the ENWORKS service level agreement with ENWORKS' accountable body, Economic Solutions Ltd (last updated May 2011)

  • Outputs and Outcomes Profiler


    A template spreadsheet for recording outputs and outcomes claimed through the ENWORKS programme

  • Terms of Engagement letter for independent accountants


    A template letter approved by ENWORKS programme funders in January 2011 for the engagement of accountants for independent accountancy reports