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Reference Materials

As an ERDF funded programme, ENWORKS is required to comply with regulations governing the management and monitoring of assets.
Here you will find reference materials used by ENWORKS managers to guide delivery of the business support programme, including brand guidelines for marketing and publicity, guidance on logging assets that relate to the programme, and details of audit requirements.

4 documents available to download

  • Asset Register - Guidance


    An explanation and template for items to be included within the ENWORKS Asset Register

  • Audit Document Requirements


    A list of documents and supporting information required by auditors for transactions claimed through the programme, along with guidance on how best to present the documents as an audit sample (last updated May 2010)

  • De Minimis Guidance


    A set of guidelines on the key elements of De Minimis state aid for businesses (last updated November 2011)

  • ERDF Brand Guidelines


    Brand guidelines provided by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for promoting funded activities in the Northwest of England (last updated in 2010)