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United Kingdom

Here you will find a range of environmental strategy documents and reports of national relevance in the UK, which are helping to inform our activities and the future direction of ENWORKS support.

10 documents available to download

  • BIS Potential for Resource Efficiency Savings Report 2009


    The BIS 'Potential for Resource Efficiency Savings Report 2009'

  • DEFRA Business Benefits Report 2007


    The DEFRA 'Business Benefits of Resource Efficiency Report' from 2007

  • Green Fiscal Reform Report 2010


    The 'Green Fiscal Reform Report 2010'

  • Prosperity Without Growth Report 2009


    The Sustainable Development Commission 'Prosperity Without Growth' report from 2009

  • SDRN Business Resource Efficiency Report


    The Sustainable Development Research Network (SDRN) 'Business Resource Efficiency' final report from September 2009

  • UK Sustainable Development Strategy


    The UK Government's Sustainable Development Strategy from March 2005

  • WRAP Environmental Benefits of Recycling - Full Report 2010


    The full WRAP 'Environmental Benefits of Recycling Report 2010'

  • WRAP Environmental Benefits of Recycling - Executive Summary 2010


    The executive summary of the WRAP 'Environmental Benefits of Recycling' report, 2010

  • Leadership Skills for a Sustainable Economy - Full Report 2010


    The findings of a survey of 700 business leaders carried out by Ipsos Mori for Business in the Community (BITC) on leadership skills needed for the transition to a sustainable economy

  • The Further Benefits of Business Resource Efficiency Mar 2011


    A Defra report from March 2011 on the benefits of business resource efficiency, highlighting the barriers SMEs face and the importance of focusing on the top of the waste hierarchy