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Using Consultants

The ENWORKS partnership draws on the support of specialist external consultants when appropriate, to undertake bespoke resource efficiency projects which are tailored to individual business needs.

Here you will find a range of tools used for the procurement and commissioning of consultants to support our programme, both directly and through a consultants' consortium.

4 documents available to download

  • Consultants Bank Skills Matrix


    A matrix used by individual consultants to indicate their environmental skills, used by ENWORKS to choose the most appropriate consultant for a commission of work (last updated December 2009)

  • Consultant Order Form - through a consortium


    An order form used by ENWORKS to define the scope of services and project outcomes, when commissioning consultants from the consultants consortium (last updated March 2012)

  • Consultant Order Form - direct commission


    An order form used by ENWORKS sub-regional delivery partners to define the scope of services required and project outcomes for individual consultant commissions (last updated March 2012)

  • Consultant Commission - feedback form


    A spreadsheet pro forma completed by the commissioner to provide feedback to the programme on work carried out by commissioned consultants (last updated March 2012)